Meeting your Worcester Dumspter Needs

roll-off-serviceThere are times, few and very far between, where I stop whatever it is that I’m doing and just ponder the wonderful world of trash removal. These moments usually occur whenever I need to get rid of some stuff. For example, recently I had the unenviable task of moving from my old office to a new one. As I sat there savoring my last moments in the place I have worked at for several years, I couldn’t help but notice the large amount of trash strewn about the office space.

Dumpster. The word came unbidden to my mind when I saw just how much stuff I had to dispose of. Therein lies another problem. Where would I get a dumpster? In Worcester of all places?

Apparently, finding a Worcester Dumpster rental company isn’t that difficult. Finding the right dumpster rental Worcester MA however required more decision-making skills on my part. Looking for the perfect dumpster to rent, one must answer several questions:

  1.  How much trash would I want to dispose?
  2. Is my trash mixture heterogeneous (mixed) or homogeneous (all of the same type)?
  3. How often would I be removing my trash?

In my particular scenario, I had numerous amounts of assorted electronic devices. Old printers, radios, keyboards and other stuff that needed special effort to dispose of.

I also had numerous cabinets and other furniture that has far exceeded their lifespan. Some where so broken down that they were barely recognizable. The city takes care of this type of waste if I mark them as solid waste and if they weigh less than forty pounds. I had a lot more than forty pounds hence the need for a large container. A roll-off dumpster, delivered by truck and with a containment volume of around 10 to 45 cubic yards would be my best bet.

twenty-yard-dumpsterAs I planned to get things over with during the weekend, I only needed one large dumpster for the task. People whose garbage disposal projects require several weeks or months may opt to obtain smaller dumpsters that they can have emptied more frequently. A front-loading truck arrives every week or so to empty the contents of the dumpster. This way, you won’t need to rent larger containers and can just stick to smaller ones.

Worcester is a city of rules. Garbage disposal laws in the City of Worcester state that yard trimmings and other small waste must either be in a dumpster or in recyclable bags to be picked up by the city’s trucks. A ninety-five gallon toter is just the right size for those yard trimmings that need to be disposed of. A comprehensive set of Worcester garbage disposal rules can be found in this site.

Usually, every Worcester Dumpster rental company carries standard Dumspter sizes like:

  1.  10 cubic yards
  2. 15 cubic yards
  3. 20 cubic yards
  4. 30 cubic yards

Larger sizes and other unique dumpsters may be offered by other haulage companies.

As the city’s garbage collection system is known for its efficiency, you would only probably need to use a dumpster in cases much like mine. Given that there is a dumpster weight limit and that I would have to pay extra if I exceeded it, I took stock of how much garbage I actually had and factored it into my decision-making.

End result? I took out a 20 cubic yard dumpster and spent an entire weekend trying to fill it up. The dumpster arrived on a Friday and was carted off on Monday. No fuss, no hassle. I got the job done just in time for the start of the work week.